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Come and hike with us

Pedra do surfista no Morro da Coroa, Praia da Lagoinha do Leste


From our love of nature came the hobby of hiking. Through social media, our lifestyle attracted the curiosity and interest of many people who wanted to go hiking with us.

So we start to study to could guide people, especially children, safely. This is how Família na Trilha (Trail Family) was born, a tour operator specializing in trails on the Santa Catarina coast.


Our aim is to provide to the families the benefits of life in the nature, always keeping safety first.

Come with us on these adventures!


Tour Guide registered in the Ministry of Tourism, specialist in Natural Attractions - IFSC/IFPR

Guiding in Spanish and Portuguese.

Certified in Wilderness Advanced First Aid by Wilderness Medical Associates International.

Adventure Tourism Conductor - Trilhas do Sul

Environmental Educator - Espaço Silvestre

Basic Emergency Care Course - Santa Catarina Military Firefighter Brigade.

Course on toxic accidents with venomous animals - CIT-UFRGS.

Non-violent communication - NVC - SAGRES Association.


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Tour guide registered with the Ministry of Tourism


Guiding in Portuguese and English


Certificate in Wilderness Advanced First Aid by Wilderness Medical Associates International


Accidents with venomous animals - LAEPE UFSC, CIATOX-SC and Trilhas do Sul Adventure School;


First aid PHC (pre-hospital care) by the Red Cross;

First aid in professional pediatrics - Alfa Urgência e Emergência.


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