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Learn more about our principles.

For Familia na Trilha, safety always comes first.

The Familia na Trilha Turismo (Trail Family Tourism)


First and foremost, we are a family with a passion for nature and we love being in direct contact with the environment, especially hiking. The Tour Operator was born from this passion.


We have a professional adventure sports team. We have experience in hiking along the coast of Santa Catarina, especially in Florianópolis region. We are all tour guides and adventure tourism conductors with training in first aid and non-violent communication.


Our focus is always on carrying out all activities safely, which is precisely why all the trails are mapped and a risk assessment is carried out within a safety management system based on ISO 21101, an international standard on adventure tourism.


We want everyone to feel like a real Trail Family.

Our principles

Carry out all activities on the basis of the safety management system implemented, managing all identified risks;


Keeping guides trained through frequent retraining.


Respect the legislation and management plans of the parks.


Minimize impacts by carrying out a prior study at the site of the operation, assessing the load capacity and valuing and respecting the local community.


Promote environmental education and minimize waste production by using reusable packaging.


Collecting the waste produced and found during the activity, disposing it in an environmentally correct manner.


Tackle the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in the context of tourism, as a company that adheres to the Code of Conduct proposed by the Ministry of Tourism.



Federal Law 11.771 of 2008 - General Tourism Law;

Decree 7381 of 2010 - regulates the General Tourism Law;

Federal Law 8.623 of 1993 - Tourist Guide Law;

Decree 946 of 1993 - regulates the Guide Law;

MTur Ordinance 37 of 2021 - Establishes the rules and conditions for the exercise of the activity of Tourist Guide;

Technical standard ABNT 15505-1 - Tourism with walking activity - Part 1: Product requirements;

Technical standard ABNT 15505-2 - Hiking tourism - Part 2: Classification of routes;

ISO 21101 - Adventure tourism - Safety management system;

ISO 21102 - Adventure tourism - Leaders - Personnel competence;

ISO 21103 - Adventure tourism - Information for participants.


The technical standards and ISOs can be found on the ABNT website


André Barbosa da Silva


  • Santa Catarina Tour Guide registered in the Ministry of Tourism

  • Authorized guide in Tabuleiro State Park and Serra Furada State Park;

  • Adventure Tourism Conductor - Trilhas do Sul;

  • Certificate in Wilderness Advanced First Aid bu Wilderness Medical Associates International

  • Accidents with venomous animals course - LAEPE-UFSC and CIATOX-SC;

  • Toxic accidents by venomous animals course - CIT-RS UFRGS;

  • First aid PHC (pre-hospital care) by the Red Cross;

  • Fire brigade training course - Marconi Soluções SST;

  • Rescue in remote areas - Trilhas do Sul;

  • First aid in professional pediatrics - Alfa Urgência e Emergência;

  • Training course on the Brazil Code of Conduct - Prevention of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in tourism.

  • Introduction to hazard analysis and critical control points - IICA;

  • Non-violent communication - NVC - SAGRES Association.

  • Guiding in English and Portuguese.

Claudia Tiscoski


  • Santa Catarina Tourist Guide registered in the Ministry of Tourism;

  • Specialist in natural attractions - IFPR;

  • Authorized guide at Serra do Tabuleiro State Park and Serra Furada State Park.

  • Adventure Tourism Conductor - Trilhas do Sul;

  • Certified in Wilderness Advanced First Aid by Wilderness Medical Associates International

  • Basic Emergency Care Course - Santa Catarina Military Firefighters Brigade;

  • Course on toxic accidents with venomous animals - CIT-UFRGS;

  • Non-violent communication - NCV - SAGRES Association;

  • Environmental Educator - Espaço Silvestre;

  • Guiding in Spanish and Portuguese;

  • Coordinator of the ACIF Tourist Guides Center Management 2023-2024;

  • Representative of Tourist Guides on the Florianópolis Tourism Council Management 2023/2024

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